Reach People and Build an Online Community with Social Media

With social media marketing, you can reach thousands of potential customers and ultimately create more business for your company. Social media marketing allows businesses to provide quality content that people care about, build a brand in a thoughtful way, and foster an online community.

Many times quality content means educational, valuable information or updates about the product or company. Other times a fun photo from work or an engaging question can qualify as quality content. The focus of social media content is on the human beings involved in the social media world.

Social media allows a brand to share company news, photos, videos, webpages, and blog posts. A business can promote company bios, company history, and the mission statement. Social media provides a platform for company announcements, and a business can promote and recap company events as well.

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Develop Your Brand Online

With social media, your brand builds an online interactive community where the business can develop relationships with customers and partners; share content from other businesses, partners, and customers; and improve local reach and interact with the community. A brand can promote content and have it shared by others.

One of the major benefits of using social media is receiving comments and feedback on a regular basis. Social media also allows businesses to post or display customer reviews, which shows up in search engine results. It goes without saying that online customer reviews are a huge part of the customer experience when deciding what product or service to use. With social media, a brand can improve reputation and public relations (PR).

Social media improves a brand’s access to people in general. It allows a business to have more access to mobile users that regularly browse social media on mobile devices; receive messages online and provide customer support; and provide the address and online map to the business location with hours, e-mail address, and phone number. It also enables customers to promote a business’s location with a “check-in.”

Social media makes it easier to drive traffic to the company website. Many social media platforms allow a business to schedule posts that you want to share ahead of time. A company can also share fun daily activities from work, which helps the customers relate to the human beings behind the company logo. There’s potential to improve company morale and encourage staff participation as well.

You receive valuable data and insights about activity so your company can learn what customers really care about by measuring engagement on various marketing campaigns and posts. Access powerful ad managers for paid advertising that allow you to reach new targeted customers and gather more leads. Furthermore, these ad managers allow you to remarket to customers who have shown interest, which increases the likelihood that those customers will follow your brand.

Social media allows a company to continuously build online presence and brand recognition.

Organic vs Paid Social Media Marketing

Organic reach is when content is shared and spread using the default methods. Reaching followers organically can be difficult and takes time, but it gets easier as your reach becomes larger.

Paid reach is when content is boosted with an advertising budget. Paid reach on Facebook, for instance, allows businesses to target specific groups of users by interests, locations, purchase behavior, age, salary, gender, and many other categories.

For example, if you are a wedding photographer, you can show your Facebook ads to users who have recently become engaged. Or if you are a health care professional, you can set your ads up to only show to older users who have shown interest in a certain type of illness.

Reviews, Messages, and Feedback

Social media allows a business to generate and show off valuable feedback from its community with online reviews.

It also allows a business to communicate with its customers, usually in the comments sections of content or in direct messages from users who are interacting with the page on both desktops and mobile devices. Companies can send contact and location information to these users if they want to take the conversation offline.

Further, insights, graphs, metrics, and users statistics display what customers respond to most and what marketing efforts didn’t work, which helps direct future marketing decisions.

Videos, Images, and Copywriting

Videos have become one of the best ways to reach people. Videos can be fun, educate, promote an event, and/or tell a story.

Branded images are another great way to reach users when combined with the right message. Branded images might include images that show an infograph, ask a question, or convey a message in an artistic way.

Copywriting is another extremely important aspect. Writing a message in an effective way takes time, editing, and careful thought.

Putting it all Together

Some businesses and industries are more naturally inclined to succeed in the world of social media than others. Each individual business and industry requires a different approach.

For instance, a professional sports organization may find it fairly easy to create content to post online and grow their community. They can promote events, athlete bio’s, video highlights, photos, and so on. Their industry is inherently fun and fans want to engage with it.

But if you own a refrigeration company, you might struggle to come up with engaging content. For you, social media might function more as a way to interact with other businesses and document company history. You could use social media to build your company reputation for any potential clients researching your business online.

For automotive repair, educating users about vehicle maintenance might be a good way to get followers. Providing accurate contact/location information along with cultivating positive online reviews would also be a good idea for an automotive business. Digutech helps with asking satisfied customers for online reviews by providing printable one-sheet handouts that describe how to find your business’s page(s) online and leave a review. When you take the time to approach a satisfied customer and let them know how genuinely important online reviews are for your company, they are usually happy to help.

For health care, educating your followers about health, displaying online reviews, and engaging with local charities are great ways to build your community. Posting fun photos of staff and patients can also help create a good vibe for anyone researching your office.

But many health care professionals and other business professionals are busy. Creating content and posting it takes time and may not seem like it’s worth it.

There are other factors involved too:

  • How interested are you and your staff in social media?
  • How savvy are you and your staff with the internet and technology?
  • How well does your industry fit into the world of social media?

If you read those three bullet points and you feel like your business is not meant for social media, maybe you’re right. Some businesses are better off focusing their marketing efforts primarily on search engine optimization (SEO).

People browsing social media are typically doing so casually. They are not actively looking for a product or service. So social media content should be fun and engaging, geared toward building an online community. On the other hand, people searching for a product or service on a search engine are actively looking to engage with a business. Thus the website content is more focused toward servicing a person’s specific needs. SEO is more about providing direct answers to direct questions.

It’s best to treat social media as a way to build the brand online in a fun, positive way. Whatever positive energy you put out there will be noticeable.

Social media is one of the major avenues of online marketing. However, as mentioned earlier, for some industries, social media might not pay off directly with higher profits, especially right away. Some businesses might scratch their heads wondering if social media is worth it at all. It’s often better for these businsesses to look at social media as a primarily fun way to engage with their communities and increase their brand recognition rather than a directly profitable component of their marketing. By looking at social media in this way, its role becomes an extension of your company’s reach with benefits that are more indirect, like documenting company history or interacting with business partners.

What you get out of social media is very reliant on how intelligently you approach it. A “smarter not harder” mindset goes a long way when it comes to planning content and campaigns, as does a fun attitude. Aside from having fun, educating users about your business is a good idea when creating content.

Digutech can help with your social media marketing by creating content, such as ad copywriting, videos and video effects, branded graphics, and webpages. We can also help by brainstorming ideas, creating and planning marketing campaigns, scheduling and posting content, setting up targetted ads, updating and managing profile settings, and engaging with the community. We have nearly a decade of experience and have built many successful social media pages.

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